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Fully Managed WordPress Hosting With Daily Updates.

Ultimate In Web Security

Sites scanned for malware and updated daily using AI to ensure updates don't break the site.

Dedicated resources, dedicated IP address, Firewall, brute force protection and cloud hosting with redundancy built in.

Fast & SEO Friendly

No more sharing your resources with "noisy neighbours". Fast WordPress optimised hosting local to your business with global CDNs to serve the site as close to the visitor as possible.

Premium SEO plugin included as standard.

Development & Support

Our sister company Dorset Tech are on hand to provide senior developers for all your support needs.

From new designs to fixing bugs on an existing site, we've got you covered. Just pay for the minutes you use.

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Innovative Hosting
We combine AI and automation with a large team of experienced UK based developers to continuously keep you on the leading edge of technology. Ever evolving security and performance.
The Best Hosting For SEO
Super fast loading times, dedicated resources and a free Premium SEO plugin as standard to get you the traffic you deserve. Monitor your site's SEO performance from our dashboard.
Scalable Hosting
Our solutions will keep your site fast, secure and well optimised for search engines. As your site grows, you just select the next package up to increase performance and storage.